ActiveTrail for Salesforce: FAQ’s

Have you installed ActiveTrail for Salesforce and ran into a problem? Worry not: in the following guide we will do our best to help you locate – and solve – the issue. If, however, you were unable to find what you were looking for, please contact us, and a member of our support team will get back to you ASAP.

Logs Tab

The Logs tab can be of help if you encounter a failure. The logs contain records of errors or transactions, if the system was set up to save these types of events.

  1. Go to the Logs
  2. Select and open Log records.
  3. On the Details tab the following details are displayed: Log Name, Date and Log type, based on the previously selected level of logging.

  1. The full Log file can be found on and downloaded from the Related

Verification Errors

Verification rules verify that the information entered by users meets the requirements defined ahead of time, before the information is saved. If an error occurs, a verification error will occur.

Glossary of Verification Errors

  1. “Campaign already assigned to a group, you can change the group in the Details tab” – Appears  when trying to press the Assign to ActiveTrail button for a Campaign that is already associated with a group in ActiveTrail.

  1. “You can’t create subscriber without group assignment” – Appears when you try to add a Lead or a Contact to a Salesforce Campaign, without having first connected them to a group in ActiveTrail. <Not sure I’m clear on this one?>

אקטיב טרייל לסיילספורס

  1. “Can’t sync to ActiveTrail yet, field mapping wasn’t set” – Appears if a new Lead or Contact – that hasn’t yet been entered in ActiveTrail or Salesforce – was added as a Campaign recipient before being entered into the system.

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