Email Marketing Conversion Rate

Collecting emails is easy but nurturing your email list is another beast of its own. What do you send out to your list and how effective is that content?

An email marketing conversion rate helps you to determine how efficient your email marketing efforts are and whether you need to adjust your strategy.

Here is how you can calculate your email marketing conversion rate and some tips on how to improve it.

What is Email Marketing Conversion Rate?

Every email that you send out to your subscriber list should have a purpose and the desired action you would like your users to take.

For example, you may send out an email to drive traffic to your blog or website or to promote your e-course. The desired action should be specific and appropriate to achieving this goal, such as “read more on my blog” or “enlist in this course now.”

An email marketing conversion rate measures how many subscribers took the desired action encouraged in your email against how many emails you sent out. This is the conversion percentage of your email campaign efforts.

How to Calculate Conversion Rate Email Marketing

Calculating the email conversion rate formula for your email campaigns is simple. It is as follows: (Number of conversions/Number of delivered emails)*100

This is the conversion rate percentage of your email marketing efforts.

How to Improve Your Email Marketing Conversion Rate

Do keep in mind that typical email marketing conversion rates are dependent on the types of emails and what industry you are in. However, your email marketing conversion rate is indicative of how effective your emails are. Here are some general tips to help you send out more effective emails to your subscribers.

Test Your Emails

Test your subject lines, preheader text, call to action, and the frequency and time of your emails to see what works best with your email list.

Our email marketing software utilizes big data to help conduct A/B testing with your bulk email list and predict the optimal time to send emails to your subscribers. This helps increase your email open rates and user engagement levels.

Personalize Your Emails

Segment your email list by common characteristics so you are better able to personalize your emails. You can do so by splitting your subscriber list up by gender, age, or location.

To add a more personalized touch to your emails, use the subscriber’s name in the subject line and email body. When your user opens the email, they will feel like it’s written to and for them.

Provide Valuable Content

You have a specific goal to reach with your email marketing campaign, but you can’t increase your email conversion rate without providing value.

Your emails must provide value to your subscriber list to keep them coming back. Focus on providing valuable content and you will receive in return.

Invest in Effective Email Marketing

Designing an effective newsletter or email marketing campaign that actually reaches your audience can be daunting. Each word and call to action must be nothing short of perfection.

With our ready-to-go email newsletter templates, A/B testing, email automation systems, and other email marketing features, it has never been easier to increase your email marketing conversion rate.

We offer a 30-day free trial so you can try it out and see if you like it before committing. What are you waiting for? Start marketing smarter now!