Geo reports

ActiveTrail’s advanced reports system provides the tools to analyze every piece of data available regarding your internet campaigns, including the geographical locations of the recipients participating in your campaign.

Working alongside Bing Maps, ActiveTrail displays the number of active recipients in each part of the world. Our interactive map records the location of every opened email and displays an easy to use interface which you can use to travel around the globe while examining your campaigns’ success rates.

Mastering the use of the interactive map is as easy as learning to use a mouse. Start with an overall view of the world, displaying data by continents and slowly zoom in on any area of the world to get a more detailed view. A blue pin on the map marks an area of activity, move your mouse over the pin to get further information.

geo location

Knowing everything you can know about your past and current campaigns is the key to maximizing your future campaigns’ efficiency.

Geography based analysis allows you to improve your future campaigns by learning where your clients are positioned in the world.