Exporting data to excel and PDF

All your campaigns’ data is available in Excel and PDF form for documentation and further use.

ActiveTrail’s advanced reports system provides an array of important tools to display all the information about your campaign. This information is crucial for the success of your campaign and is sometimes easier to analyze and present in Excel or PDF form.

With just a click of a button, the system creates an Excel .csv file displaying all your campaign’s important data already set up and organized. The new file will include any piece of data that you can think of: general data about your campaign, click rates, unsubscribes, shares, etc.

Just set a date and time and the reports system automatically sends a PDF report to your email. Set the frequency that you want to receive these reports and get daily/weekly reports without having to lift a finger.

Not Just Reports

export to pdf

ActiveTrail allows you to export your campaign’s design to a PDF in order to send or present it at a meeting. Use PDF files of your campaigns to share with your co-workers by email, present in a presentation or print a hard copy.

At ActiveTrail we make sure your data is accessible and easy to use.