The definitive checklist for sending an effective newsletter

Are your email newsletters really as effective as they can be? Before you send newsletters out that are simply ignored, instead ensure that your newsletter is powerful, useful and cost-effective with the following checklist:

send newsletters succesfuly

• Is your email marketing recipient list up to date and full of pertinent information?

• Is your newsletter congruent with previous emails and your brand image as a whole?

• Does your email display perfectly on mobile devices? 60% of email gets opened on a mobile device first, so your newsletters should make them a priority.

• Are your emails actually reaching their intended targets, or getting cast into the spam dungeon? ActiveTrail’s ongoing relationship with top ISPs, our support for SPF and domain key standards, and our dedication to anti-spam laws means newsletters sent with ActiveTrail are guaranteed a nearly 100% delivery rate.

• Not sure what type of message is sticking the best? Use AB Split Testing to find out which of your emails is producing the best results, allowing you to pinpoint your efforts in your next newsletter.

• Does your email newsletter conform to the latest anti-spam laws? ActiveTrail can always help out with automatic management of user registration and removal.

• Is your newsletter personalized? With ActiveTrail’s ActivePersonalization, text, images, subject lines and included links can be tailored to specific recipients or groups, greatly increasing reader buy-in.

• Are your newsletter’s images vibrant and clear, optimized for screen displays?

• Are your landing pages ready? Don’t just send interested customers to your homepage when they click through – offer them a personalized, targeted landing page that’ll entice them to go even further.

• Have you included links to your social network pages to further engage with readers?

• Have you tested your newsletter internally? Broken images, dead links and even typos scream unprofessionalism and are a one-way ticket to losing subscribers.

• Time-critical promotion? Add an SMS alert to your marketing push with ActiveSMS. Promotions typically see a greater than 300% boost in interest with an SMS blast.

• Are you ready to analyze the response you get from your newsletter? ActiveTrail’s advanced reporting tools and integration with Google Analytics means you can monitor goals, see where your readers are coming from, and get detailed, useful reports on how your marketing is faring.

• Need feedback from your readers? Consider adding a link to a survey using ActiveTrail Online Survey Software.

• And finally, does your email newsletter contain a clear call-to-action enticing the reader to click through to your website or perform a desired action?

While it may seem overwhelming to consider all the above issues, with ActiveTrail’s help you’ll be creating newsletters that make an impact in no time.

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