Automatic removal

The fear of the spam folder is always hovering above every email marketer. At ActiveTrail we understand the concern and our system does everything possible – automatically – to ensure that 100% of your emails reach their destination – your clients’ inboxes.

In recent years, most countries passed laws requiring that every newsletter and marketing email contain an ‘unsubscribe’ button. At ActiveTrail that button will be automatically added to every email you send. The link in the email will automatically synchronize with ActiveTrail’s system, removing from your recipient list any client that clicks on the link.

Removing clients who do not wish to receive your newsletters from your recipient lists ensures your emails aren’t marked as spam.

 automatic removal

Want to keep track of which clients clicked the ‘unsubscribe’ button and when? ActiveTrail’s reports system displays real-time statistics concerning all your campaigns or each one individually.

Your marketing emails are not spam so why should they reach the spam folder?

Ensure high opening percentages with ActiveTrail’s system.